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The Outdoor Plus

The Outdoor Plus Rectangular Gas Fire Table Kit - Ready-to-Finish - 72" x 30" x 16"

The Outdoor Plus Rectangular Gas Fire Table Kit - Ready-to-Finish - 72" x 30" x 16"

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Transform your outdoor space into a masterpiece with our customizable Fire Pit Kit!

-WARRANTY- 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects.

-PROMO-  Enhance the longevity of your fire feature with our premium polyester and resistant PVC Cover, provided as a complimentary gift. This UV-resistant and weather-proof cover offers year-round protection.


Acknowledging the diverse tastes and needs of homeowners, this kit is designed to be customizable, allowing you to create a fire feature that aligns with your unique preferences.

The Rectangular Gas Fire Table Kit, measuring 72" x 30" x 16", arrives ready to install on-site. Its versatility allows for complete customization with various materials like brick, wood, tile, stucco, or stone, enabling you to harmonize the design with your outdoor living space.

These ready-to-finish pit kits are not only aesthetically pleasing but also solidly built, providing a reliable foundation for your outdoor fire feature. They will be custom made in our local factory and shipped to you in 3-4 weeks.



  • Form Dimensions: 72” x 30”
  • Form Height: 16"
  • Drop-in Pan size: 36" x 7" 
  • Burner size: 30" 
  • Max. Heat Output: 60K BTU/hr.

Kit Includes:

  • Ready-to-Finish Fire Pit Form
  • Drop-in Pan
  • Burner
  • Gas Kit: Fittings, Whistle-free Hoses and Key Valve
  • Air Vent
  • Regulator (Propane models)
  • Push-Button Igniter Kit (Push-Button models)
  • Electronic Ignition System (Automated Electronic models)
  • Complimentary Weather-Proof Fire Pit Cover

Key Features:

  • The Ready-to-Finish Fire Pit Form is crafted from weather and mold-resistant Fiber Cement Board, allowing you to customize its appearance with materials like stucco, tile, stone veneer, wood, etc. (Finishing materials not included).
  • The inner frame, constructed from sturdy Steel Tubing, provides reliable support for heavy finishes such as stone, granite, and more.
  • This kit comes complete with a Stainless Steel Drop-in Pan, Burner, Key Valve, Whistle-free Hoses, and a Stainless Steel Air Vent, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient fire pit solution.
  • Choose from three ignition systems:
    • Match-Lit: The simplest and most economical option - turn on the gas and hold a flame to the burner.
    • Push-Button Spark: Easily ignite the fire by turning on the gas and pressing a button on the unit's side. The kit includes a Push-Button Igniter Kit with a Mounting Plate, Push Button Ignition, Electrical Leads, Spark Igniter, and Cover.
    • Automated Electronic: Light the fire with a switch placed nearby. It stays lit in the rain and winds up to 55 mph, re-igniting automatically if extinguished. The kit includes a 24V Transformer and Electronic Ignition System.
  • Natural Gas and Propane models available.
  • Warranty: 1 year against manufacturing defects.



IMPORTANT: Installation must be done by a Licensed Technician.

WARNING: Combustion byproducts produced when using this product include chemicals known to the State of California to harm health. For more information go to:

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