Steps to safeguard against loss during delivery:

Thoroughly examine each package for any signs of damage. If visible damage is found, ensure it is explicitly noted on the delivery receipt. Request the driver to acknowledge it on your copy and send photographic evidence of the damage to If there are concerns about potential internal damage based on the packaging, insist on an immediate inspection with the driver. Conduct a joint examination of the contents, documenting any concealed damage with photographs and detailed notes on both the delivery receipt and your copy.

Document any damage on the delivery receipt, regardless of its severity. Refrain from signing a clear delivery receipt if there are indications of crushing, creasing, scuffing, or puncturing on a carton. Provide detailed descriptions of the condition, such as "slight crush, top right corner," on both copies of the delivery receipt. If the driver uses an electronic receiving device and potential damage is identified, request them to record it on the device and obtain an "exception number" as proof of visible or possible concealed freight damage.

Immediately after delivery, open all packages and inspect for concealed damage, even if the driver has already left. This proactive approach ensures timely identification of any issues that may not be immediately apparent.


Steps to follow when the carrier inspects damaged items:

Retain damaged items at the receipt location, along with their containers and inner packing materials, until a thorough inspection is conducted by the carrier's inspector. Do not dispose of the packaging, as a picture of it is required for the claims process.

Notify us of any damage immediately by contacting We will initiate contact with the carrier to report the damage and request an inspection. Failure to report damage within 48 hours may result in claim denial, so prompt communication is essential. Keep a copy of your email for claim records.

Allow the inspector to examine damaged items, cartons, inner packing materials, and the freight bill. Retain the delivery receipt as a supporting document for the claim.

Review the inspection report carefully. If you disagree with any facts or conclusions, do not sign it. Contact us immediately at +1 866-881-4048. A new item can only be ordered if the inspection report specifies "REPLACE."


If the carrier fails to inspect within 48 hours:

If the carrier chooses to waive the inspection, conduct your own inspection promptly. Capture photographs to document the damage and provide detailed descriptions of observed issues.

Forward a copy of the inspection report and the delivery receipt to within 10 business days from the delivery date. This timely submission is crucial for the claims process.

This timely submission allows us to proceed with the claim process. Keep in mind that the carrier has 120 days from the date they receive your claim to settle interstate claims. It is essential not to delay the filing of a claim while awaiting a potentially overdue inspection.

Steps after the inspection:

Hold onto the damaged items even after the inspection. Do not use or dispose of them without written permission.

Do not return damaged items to the shipper without obtaining written authorization from us. Coordinate returns through our communication channels.

If surrendering damaged merchandise to the carrier for salvage, obtain a receipt from the driver. Retain this receipt as proof of transfer for salvage purposes.This documentation serves as proof of the transfer of damaged items to the carrier for salvage purposes.

Cancellations & Refunds:

Orders canceled after 48 hours are subject to a $20 administration fee.
If the order has shipped, the buyer is responsible for actual return shipping charges.
Refunds are issued only to the original credit card used for the order.


To qualify for a return please note the following:

  • Product must be clean, unused and in its original packaging.
  • Returns and Re-shipments shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer
  • ​Returns must be requested within the next 48 hrs from delivery.
  • Refunds will only be issued to the original credit card used when placing the order.
  • There is a 25% restocking fee.
There are no returns on:
  • Custom products.
  • Used products.
  • Products without original packaging.

To initiate a return:

Obtain a Return Authorization Number (RAN) by emailing Include the relevant details and reasons for the return. We will provide you with the RAN and the appropriate return address.

Do not send returns to the corporate address; use the provided return address.

If packages are refused at delivery, the buyer is responsible for return shipping charges and restocking fees. Consider this before refusing a delivery to avoid additional costs.